Design Magazine

The Lisbon-based DESIGN MAGAZINE is a specializing digital media focused on design, architecture and other artistic forms of expressions.

Tiago Krusse is a professional journalist who has been, for more than 20 years, writing about international design, architecture and art. He is the founder and the director of the magazine. Lucas Fernandes is a professional designer. He is the director’s assistant and the responsible for the office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The DESIGN MAGAZINE started in 2011 and it is a fully recognized media under the register number 126104 by the Portuguese Supervising Entity for the Mass Media.

The DESIGN MAGAZINE is owned by K Innovative Diffuser.

Mission, values and strategy

The information channels – website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – are part of the news service, providing daily written information to a worldwide audience.

Through our website we give visitors access to news and information. The visitors profile is built mainly by designers, architects, marketeers, curators, writers, journalists, teachers, copywriters, business entrepeneurs, politians, editors, university students and general public.

The website and the digital social networking platforms makes us reach today and average of more than 15 thousand readers per day.

A professional journalism product, recognized magazine that always assumes its editorial criteria conducted under deontological and ethical journalistic methods and procedures.

We are user friendly magazine which makes fully adaptable among different mobile communications products with their own different technological features.